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good morning. the developing story in haiti. ten americans detained after trying to leave with a group of children they say they were trying to help. this as emergency air lifts of the critically injured are suspended. we'll have the latest. the fix. news this morning on possible repairs in that massive toyota recall. will they come soon enough for frightened car owners worried about faulty gas pedals? and royal visit. we're with prince harry in the caribbean this morning. how he's remembering his mom, princess diana, by helping those in need. today, sunday, january 31st, 2010.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. we're glad you're here. welcome to "today" on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm jenna wolfe. we have a lot to get to, including more news out of haiti, rather disturbing news. right now an american church group is being held by police in port-au-prince. the americans say they were trying to bring haitian children to an orphanage that they were setting up across the border in the dominican republic. coming up we'll have the latest on them and the ongoing confusion over emergency air lifts out of haiti. also after last week's state of the union address and that rare meeting with republicans, president obama was happy to sit the side lines this weekend, literally. the commander in chief became commentator in chief doing play by play at yesterday's college basketball game between georgetown and duke. coming up, we'll talk with david
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gregory about the president's new political playbook. in our next half hour, the john edwards' scandal starting a new conversation about high-profile wives and the painful and very public decision to stay or go. lately it seems more wives are walking away. we'll talk about that a little bit later on. first, we want to get the latest on those toyota recalls. millions of vehicles have been recalled in the u.s. because of sudden acceleration problems. toyota now says the parts needed to fix the cars will begin to arrive at dealerships later this week, but some anxious car owners are still very worried about what they drive. here's nbc's george lewis. >> reporter: toyota says it has a fix for its gas pedal problems and that parts for recalled vehicles may be in dealerships pie late this week. that's little consolation to dr. wittin, a retired physician from are california, who said his dealer told him there's nothing wrong with his 2005 highlander hybrid. he doesn't believe that.
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>> up until now it was -- i was a pretty reliable toyota customer but i will never buy a car from them again. i can't. they're not safe. >> reporter: so he had the car towed home. it had been in the body shop after it accelerated suddenly and crashed. >> i do not intend to ever drive this car. >> reporter: he says it will sit in his driveway while he contemplates suing toyota. and toyota's problems may not end with these recalls. >> we believe that the problem could be more than that and that it's not entirely sure that these two recalls will take care of the problem. >> reporter: a los angeles times investigation turned up crashes resulting in at least 19 deaths, all involving cars made by toyota or its lexus division. it could take toyota months to fix the acceleration problem. meanwhile dealers across the country will have to contend with angry customers wondering is it safe to drive my car. customers like carol munoz, the mother of a 3-year-old and
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pregnant with her second child. >> that's what i'm upset about, that they would endanger people's lives like that. >> reporter: beginning today toyota will run newspaper ads telling customers it's working rapidly to resolve the problem. a public relations nightmare for the automaker. for today, george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. >> and joining us here now is jake fisher, senior engineer of the auto testing division of consumer reports. jake, good morning. good to have you on. what is your understanding of this fix and how they will roll it out? >> it's actually pretty complicated because there's many different fixes. some fixes they'll deal with at the plant. >> these are the cars that will go back on sale. >> they go back on sale but also cars at dealerships and they may or may not get the exact same fix. more importantly if you have a toyota right now, you may actually be later down the road in getting your fix and it may be a slightly different fix because there's millions of vehicles out there. it may take a while to actually
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get everyone back into the dealership for the fix. >> that's obviously not comforting news. there are people who are frightened. i'm not sure that's unreasonable to be frightened, the thought of approaching an intersection and your car speeds up. what do you do in the interim? >> you need to know, first of all, you have to be wary of -- if the throttle pedal is sticky or not. if it is sticky, you need to take it back to the dealership right away or not drive the vehicle. but if it does happen to you, you should be very prepared. you need to put the car into neutral, press your foot on the brake. hold your brake down, don't pump the brakes. get the car in neutral, turn off the engine, come to a complete stop and you'll be safe. if you follow those steps it's really no more unsafe than if your car had stalled. but you need to be prepared. >> and i hear you. and if the car stalls. but i mean should you be getting behind the wheel of one of these cars i think is the bigger question. >> the other thing you have to understand is it's a very rare occurrence. the likelihood of this happening to you is so rare that we do
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think it's still safe driving these cars. just be prepared and if something were to happen, be aware of that and know what to do. >> and there's a bigger picture with toyota. this is a company that's garnered a lot of good will. a lot of people are very loyal to toyota cars. what happens now? >> toyota spent decades to get the reputation for quality and this is the reason people buy toyotas. right now if you're questioning that quality. and it's not just this issue. other over the last couple of years consumer reports reliability questionnaire has shown that toyota has fallen behind in some ways. there's some that are actually unreliable in our survey and that didn't happen five years ago. >> speaking of your survey, you temporarily have suspended reviews of these cars in question. >> we've temporarily suspended the recommendation of the cars in question. it doesn't make sense for us to recommend a car that currently you can't buy because of safety-related issues. >> jake fisher, thanks for coming on. we appreciate you being here this morning.
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tomorrow on "today" an exclusive interview with the president of toyota motors usa. he'll be here with the very latest on when and how the company plans to fix these pedals. time to get a check of the other headlines. for that we'll head over to melissa francis at the news desk. >> good morning to you, lester. good morning, everyone. as we mentioned at the top of the show a group of ten americans from idaho are under arrest after trying to take more than 30 haitian children to an orphanage in the dominican rep eeoc. nbc's michelle kaczynski is live with more. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: good morning. they're from a church group in idaho and had to spend last night in a haitian jail and will have to spend tonight there too accused of child trafficking. they say all they were trying to do is move 33 orphans from their destroyed orphanage in haiti to another orphanage in the dominican republic. they had the names and ages of each child and signed permissions from the pastors of the orphanages but obviously that was not enough.
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>> our understanding was, is that we were told by a number of people, including dominican authorities, that we would be able to bring the children across -- i understand that, sir. that's the mistake we made is we did not understand there was additional paperwork required. >> reporter: we talked to them last night. it seemed like they were being treated well. they were kept in a large room all together. they met with members of the u.s. embassy. and police told us this is just a formality and that everything should be fine shortly. the church told us they'll have to go before a judge tomorrow, melissa. >> all right, michelle, thank you for that report. back here in the u.s. two people have died from the winter storm which dumped snow and ice from the plains to the tennessee valley and up to the mid-atlantic. tennessee getting about half a foot of snow and ice. virginia hit with about ten inches causing several accidents and ohio wes. especialliy award actor rip torn arrested.
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they found the man intoxicated and armed inside a bank. finally a sad farewell at washington's zoo. a party for the popular 4-year-old panda that leaves thursday for china along with a 4-year-old panda in the atlantic zoo. they were -- atlanta zoo, pardon me. they were both on loan to the u.s. that's the news for now. back to you, lester, jenna and janice. >> the panda is saying the weather has got to be better in china. get me out of
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>> the sun is out, but it's cold. only 12 degrees at the airport. the morning low is 9. we have a light northwest wind. humanity is going down. we'll -- humidity is going down. highs will be up close to 30, but we'll spend now here's jenna. all right, janice, thank you. now to washington where after trying to ease partisan gridlock, president obama shifts his focus this week to national security and the economy. joining us is moderator of "meet the press" david gregory. good morning. >> hey, jenna, how are you. >> let's start with some headlines. the white house has reversed its decision to hold the trial in new york following opposition
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both from new york officials and some members of congress. can the administration expect political fallout from these change of plans? >> well, i think it's already happened. you've heard republicans for weeks talking about the administration and their view being soft on the war on terror on national security generally and they're using this. they used the initial decision and they'll even use the reversal to even further that argument. you can argue this both ways because the administration would certainly say, look, they heard the opposition and decided that it's the most prudent step to take not to do the transfer there. this became a political lightning rod. they knew that with the administration. but the president has not waivered even though he recognizes its bad paul particulars. he believe the a civilian trial is the best way to deal with ksm. it's no secret the president is a big basketball fan and no surprise that he showed up at the georgetown-duke game. he got in there, he did a little
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commentating and joked about his meeting with house republicans on friday. are these moments as unscripted as they seem or is this part of a larger effort by the white house to help the president's image. >> the president doesn't appear on camera ever for an unscripted moment. that is by design. look, he's a sports fan, he's having a human moment. but i think even the line of questioning about whether he's a left-hander but can he go to his right and talks about that appearance in front of house republicans on friday, it goes to the idea that he wants to be seen outside the confines of the white house. he wants to be seen as much more of an outsider than an insider these days to get some of the things done and reconnect to his campaign form. >> all right. well, tomorrow the president will get back to business and he'll send his 2011 budget to congress. we understand there's a proposed three-year spending freeze which will cut a lot of programs. are we going to see some sort of messy budget fallout between the white house and congress as a result? >> well, the pushback you've seen from republicans is that this isn't enough. 17% of the budget. you've got so many exemptions for defense and other vital
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programs in terms of national security and that it's not happening until next year, although that's how the budgeting process works. so i think the president will face that criticism, but i think what he wants to do and will try to keep the pressure on republicans that we need some fiscal discipline. he's had a couple of measures like paying for programs as you go voted down by republicans or even a commission to deal with the overall debt situation. so, yeah, i think there's going to be quite a bit of give and take on the budget. >> all right, david, thank you. >> thanks. up next on "today," compelled by the images she record on, the tv anchor who's giving it all up to go help the people of haiti. we'll talk to her right after this.
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it's been 19 days since the earthquake in haiti set off a humanitarian crisis and the work to save lives continues, but as carrie sanders reports those still in need of the most advanced medical treatment are now facing a new and daunting challenge, finding a way out. >> reporter: 5-year-old betina joseph is dying from tetanus. >> you can see how rigid she is. >> that's the tetanus? >> that's tetanus. >> reporter: doctors give her 24 hours, same for emil crushed by debris, her organs are shutting down. upwards of 40 patients are critical, some like these need advanced ventilators. >> where is that hospital with all the ventilators for her? >> it could be anywhere. it could be miami, it could be jacksonville, it could be the dominican republic. but it can't be here in the tent hospital. >> reporter: u.s. military flights had had been ferrying the most critically injured patients mostly to florida, only 90 minutes away. saturday those cargo planes left port-au-prince empty. the airlift shut down after florida's governor complained the cost for treating more than
8:16 am
300 critical patients from haiti overwhelmed the state's budget and florida needed federal money. >> we're trying to make sure that we don't overburden florida. and i think it's important that we don't. >> reporter: a white house spokesman said this was not a funding issue. there was no policy decision to suspend evacuation flights. the administration is working to make sure flights resume. at the joint university of miami project tent hospital, anger, those who need to get out are not leaving. >> so if florida doesn't want to do it then the other 49 states need to step up. >> reporter: making things worse, saturday the airport director at port-au-prince refused to release eight pallets of urgent medical supplies. >> he wants us to pay taxes. we're a nonprofit, we're not supposed to. >> reporter: what do you call those taxes? >> a bribe. >> reporter: dr. green confronted the airport director. begrudgingly airport authorities released and loaded the medical supplies. humanitarian officials say this dispute is a signal the response
8:17 am
is now entering phase two, an ugly phase two, just enough haitian government authority to return to getting things done in this country the way they have always been done, with bribes and corruption. with supplies in hand, now the question, will those who are dying make it out. for today, carrie sander, nbc news, port-au-prince, haiti. it is now 17 minutes past the hour. once again here's jenna. those images remind us of how much help is needed in haiti. the woman you're about to meet wants to do her part to provide it. julie pearce is an anchor at our affiliate kbjr in duluth, minnesota. she also happens to be a registered nurse. so in response to the crisis she was reporting on, she decided to quit her job at the anchor desk and head to haiti to help treat earthquake victims. she joins us on her last day in the newsroom. julie, good morning. >> good morning, jenna. quite a big decision i've got going here. >> i can only imagine. tonight is your last broadcast and then you and your one-way
8:18 am
ticket and a couple of things are heading down to haiti. i have to ask, what made you decide to do this? >> well, i'm certainly trading the studio lights in here for the sun of haiti. you know, i came back from a mission down in belize and i was reading the headlines and, you know, saying to our audience the tragic things that are happening down there, knowing full well that i've got the skills and knowledge that they so desperately need right now. and it just became too hard to sit here and read the hed lines and not do something about it. it feels like that's where god wants me to be. >> what did your colleagues and especially your family think of this decision? >> i fwhewent in my boss's offi and shut the door and said i have good news and bad news. she was disappointed but very supportive at the same time because everyone understands the dire need right there. and also my family, they have been unbelievably supportive as well. i think that they're a little scared or maybe a lot scared.
8:19 am
i think they're maybe more scared than anything that i'll get down there and get so involved and perhaps not want to come back at all. but overall the support in the community and my family and my job here has been wonderful. >> well, tell us a little bit about your plans. when do you leave and what are the plans once you hit the ground in haiti? do you have that all set up already? >> well, you know, everything right now is so unbelievably fluid and it's changing by the minute. i leave in the morning to get down to florida where i'll stage and start briefing on everything and getting last-minute logistics together, but last night i learned all the flights into port-au-prince were just cancelled for the week. so thursday i was supposed to head out. right now i'm desperately looking for a charter to get myself in there this week, no latter. if anybody out there has got a flight going in, look me up. >> it seems like -- >> but once i get there -- >> it seems like you made the decision quickly and you want to wrap everything up and get down there. has this whole decision sunk in, that you're hitting pause and
8:20 am
changing the course of what you want to do right now? has that sunk in yet? >> you know, it's just -- it's a roller coaster, it really is. i have moments where i just get, you know, my stomach starts churning and i start thinking, wow, you really are -- you're really doing this. but then i just grab on to my faith and i know that it's what i'm supposed to be doing, i know it's where i'm supposed to be and i know that my higher power will take care of all the details between now and getting there and between being there and getting home. and there's a few great organizations down there that i'm connecting with in the meantime. the ruska village, a group of -- a music school, just all sort of neat things that are starting to evolve and tubts for my work and expertise to be put to use. >> julie pearce we thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. please be safe. thank you and good luck.
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>> i'll keep in touch. still to come, prince harry pitches in to help the people of haiti as well. we'll go to the caribbean live to see what he's been up to. first these messages. hrough fid, so that's my financial track to retirement. it's guidance. when i open a 401(k), do i get one of those? well, maybe not right away. i mean, i have a 401(k), a couple of iras. i'm a valued customer. okay, yeah. you get one right away. whatever your destination, fidelity has the people, guidance, and investments to help you find your way. fidelity investments. turn here. that payton is a genius. really start by saying when the phone rings, hey it's payton and it's like oh boy, what's this going to be. i want to do a portrait, of every man, woman and child in this beautiful country of ours... 300 million people, at one time. i said, i can do it but you better get me my left handed scissors. we're going to take a snapshot ("pop") of america. isn't that what the census is doing? yeah who's in?
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>> good morning, here is a look at some of our top stories. the winter storm that dumped
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some four to six inches of snow has thankfully moved on. but the snow combined with rally cold temperatures made conditions dangerous in parts of our area. the snow started saturday area and kept falling. it was an unwelcomed sight for those who had to spend their saturday cleaning up. on the other hand, kids got to spend the day outside having a lot of fun, excited by this latest snowfall. >> snowfall, i think this is our best one because it probably could get us off of school monday. so i like it. >> a bit of an optimist there. well, with the bitter cold temperatures it was quite a day to jump into the chesapeake bay, but that's what more than 25,000 people did at maryland's polar bear plunge. >> three, two, one. >> about 25,000 plungers took
8:27 am
part. former baltimore raven michael mccrarey flexed his muscles taking a dive and kimmy mies anywhere. so far the event raised more than $2.8 million for special olympics. wbal was a proud sponsor. and a programming note. congressman cummings will be our guest later this morning. if you have a question, send it in. e-mail your questions at sunday questions at wauble tv wble
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and we're back on sunday morning, january 31st, 2010. it is cold here in new york city. pretty close to zero with the windchill that has not stopped our fine and faithful fans from being out with us on the plaza. of course they have been here a little bit longer than we have, but that's all right, it's good, we're here. i'm jenna wolfe along with lester holt. and you know who's a little warmer right now? prince harry. >> he took a little break from his military duties to work on some of his charity causes, including raising money for the cause of haiti. our amy robach is in barbados and caught up with him.
8:31 am
the prince talks about his work and also about how his mom, the late princess, inspires the work that he's doing down there. >> she looks almost as cold as we do so that works out well. amy, lucky girl. also coming up, to stay or go. that's been the question lately. when a husband is unfaithful, it's a difficult decision. at one time it seemed like a lot of wives in very public scandals chose to stay and give their marriage a chance. that may be a thing of the past. coming up we'll look at women declaring their independence and deciding, yeah, maybe it's time to go. we talked about the weather. this is sore throat season. i don't know about you, but the scratchy throat is the first sign i'm about to get sick. we'll talk about sore throat remedies. some of them you may have heard of. a couple i hadn't. we'll find out if they work. and also there's a new game out and it's called you star and you've been in a movie, you were in "the fugitive." >> with a moustache. near the end. the scene in the hotel in case you want to fast forward.
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>> yeah, there is a game out there called you star and it allows you to get put into a movie. one of your favorite movies. you pick your favorite scene. there i am right there and there i am right there. it's actually a lot of fun and they're sort of promoting this as fun family games, like the next step up in karaoke. we had a blast doing this so we'll talk about that. >> life is like a box of chocolates. >> it is. but they weren't holding a blackberry in that movie like i was. first another check of today's top headlines. we'll send it back inside to melissa francis. good morning, everyone. we begin in haiti where ten americans from a baptist church have been sitting in a haitian jail overnight. they were detained while trying to drive 33 children to the dominican republic where they say they are setting up an orphanage. police say they didn't have the proper documents. the u.s. embassy is working with them to clear up the situation. toyota dealers may be getting the parts to fix the sticky gas pedal problem as early as the end of the week. the japanese automaker plans to reveal details of the fix tomorrow morning.
8:33 am
toyota has recalled more than four million cars worldwide because the gas pedal can get stuck. and they are clearing out the snow from texas to the southeast to the mid-atlantic states. a winter storm dumped nearly a foot of snow in virginia. a little less in north carolina. ice also became a problem on highways, causing accidents and snapping power lines in several states. roger federer wins the australian open, beating britain's andy murray in three straight sets for his record 16th grand slam title. and finally, here she is. miss america. 22-year-old caressa cameron, miss virginia, crowned last night in las vegas. she is a broadcast journalism student at virginia commonwealth university. i think we could all be in trouble. back to you, lester and jenna. guess what, it's girl scout cookie season. >> best time of the year. >> the girl scouts of indiana brought me the thin mints, my
8:34 am
favorite. thank you. thank you very much. anyway, we want to get another check of the weather.
8:35 am
>> it's only 12 degrees at the airport, but it is sunny. we have a northwest breeze at 3:00, so even that slight breeze feels like 5 or something like that. forecast today, spending most of the day in the teens and 20s, maybe near 30. and lots and remember when we are not here, you can always check your weather online at now here's lester. janice, thanks. britain's prince harry is on a three-day visit to the island nation of barbados this weekend. he's raising awareness and money for his charity as well as raising money for the victims of the earthquake in haiti. our amy robach has been following the prince. she joins us live from barbados with the latest. hey, amy, good morning.
8:36 am
>> reporter: lester, good morning to you. in fact in just a couple of hours prince harry is set to take part in a polo match, all a fund-raising effort to benefit his charity sent to bali. the prince came straight to the island from combat training to become a helicopter -- an army helicopter pilot. he arrived on the island late friday afternoon and we've been with hem every step of the way. it has been quite a busy weekend for the prince. he began by touring a children's hospital in the capital city of bridgetown where he brought smiles to so many sick children and their families. it was quite a heart-warming moment and we were actually able to speak to the young royal in between his hospital visit and ear visit to a local museum where he had some fun with orphaned and at-risk youths. he told me how important kids are to him and to his cause. the third in line to the throne has made children the central focus of his charitable work over the past few years and it was certainly evident here this weekend, lester. he said princess diana remains the inspiration to both him and his brother, prince william.
8:37 am
>> william and i always try and achieve what she achieved in the short space of time that she did, but i think it's like mother, like son, like father, like son. if she and our father had sort of that mother retouch to young children, i'm obsessed with children. >> reporter: and it's interesting, we can't let you go without showing you these pictures, lester. last night there was a telethon and a concert broadcast here to raise funds for the earthquake victims in haiti. at the end of that event, prince harry and prince of an african nation held hands, they danced on stage after they reached their goal of telethon pledges. nearly 7,000 people attended that event last night. that's quite a crowd for barbados. as we mentioned, we are set to take off for this polo match that is about to take place here on the island of barbados where we will see prince harry and his teammates take on south africa
8:38 am
to a sold-out crowd of nearly 1200 people. so we'll let you know what happens and of course it's all for a good cause. back to you. >> amy, thanks so much for the report. i wish we could linger on this shot. it's great to see you but it's really great to see a warm beach right about now. >> reporter: i know. i'm sorry. what's the temperature there in new york? >> 75 -- i'm, i'm sorry, i misread it. 15. my bad. we also want to let you know you can look for more of amy's report with the prince monday on "today." up next here, should she stay or should she go. are more scorned wives choosing to leave right after these messages. she told me to keep my heart open to love, to hope, to the world. those words changed my life and inspired my open hearts collection at kay jewelers. as the number one jewelry store in america, kay was the perfect choice to help me turn my mom's inspiration into something beautiful and eternal. you were right, mom.
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8:42 am
admitted he fathered a baby with video grapher rielle hunter, but other wives stay in their marriages. hillary clinton during her run for the presidency told tyra banks that she had to think hard about what was right for her family. and that then often asked her for advice about their unfaithful husbands. >> what do you say? >> i say you have to be true to yourself. no one story is the same as any other story. >> attorney silda spitzer stood beside her husband as el it spitzer apologized for his involvement in a prostitution ring. jenny sanford filed for divorce after her husband admitted he had been seeing sfwhunls argentina. >> i've been unfaithful to my wife. >> it's particularly painful when the infidelity is part of a water cooler culture and fodder for late-night jokes. for elin nordegren, the very private decision about her marriage has fuelled worldwide
8:43 am
speculation. >> she understands that her kids would be best served by having their dad around. they feel very close to him. on the other hand, she has been humiliated. >> so is a new era of kicking a cheater to the curb upon us? helen fisher is an anthropologist and an author of "why him, why her" and jonathan is a psychotherapist and writes the no more drama column for metro newspaper. good morning to you both. helen, let me start with you. women used to stay for financial security or the sake of the kids but now it seems that women aren't necessarily sticking around any more. is this a change of the times? >> it's an indication of one of the biggest worldwide social trends, which is women piling into the job market in cultures around the world. everywhere in the world where women are economically powerful enough, they can walk out of bad marriages in order to make better ones and they do it. >> jonathan, as a psychotherapist are you seeing more and more women instead of staying deciding to leave bad marriages? >> jenna, i'm seeing a lot of
8:44 am
women that feel empowered and are leaving their marriages. they're simply not putting up with the bs. they feel empowered and are moving on. >> and it's not just -- i mean it's a lot of how these high-profile cases as well. the husband's public image has a lot to do with it, his reputation has a lot to do with it and that's usually on the line and a lot of women stay as a result. that's not a good enough reason to stay. >> absolutely. in the past they would stay with their man, they became accustomed to the lifestyle, the riches, but now they're moving on and not putting up with it. they realize there is love post-divorce and are pursuing it. >> helen, how much has to do with public opinion? >> i think it has an enormous amount to do with it. the whole evolution of gossip -- gossip probably evolved millions of years ago in order to tell people what to do and what not to do and what they thought about what people should do so we're very responsive to gossip. we listen to it. we feel badly if we don't follow what the social belief system is
8:45 am
and certainly america has been scratching their head. why do these women stay when they don't have to. and i think a lot of them are hearing that. >> can you answer that question, jonathan? why was it? why for so long did these women decide, you know what, it's okay. i will stick by my man. >> well, they became very comfortable being uncomfortable and they perhaps were afraid to leave. they didn't have a strategy in place. but i'm seeing women come in in my practice who they want to develop a strategy, an exit plan, so to speak. they realize that there is love post-divorce. >> so, helen, even if they're not leaving these men, like elin woods didn't at first, they're not playing this long suffering woe is he someone help me role, am i right? >> they have got some power. they say if you do, this if you don't do, this i'll do this so they have got more power in the relationship now so they can make some bargaining. they have got some privileges now. perhaps this is what they need in order to get what they want. >> by the way, you know, for
8:46 am
millions of years women were very economically powerful. it wasn't until we settled down on the farm that women began to take on this role of just the mother and the wife and not an economic provider. for millions of years women commuted to work together, they came home with much of the evening meal. the double income family was the rule. so what's really going on is women are regaining the power that they had for millions of years and expressing it by looking for love where they can find it. >> well, it's a very healthily expression. helen, jonathan, thank you both for being with us. still ahead, my shot is starting. the game that puts you on the big screen right in your living room. right after these messages. aked! the magic's in the mix. my favorite part? eating it. honey bunches of oats. taste the joy we put in every spoonful. honey bunches of oats. we call the bunches in honey bunches of oats the prize in the box. well, now there's a prize inside the prize. pecans! pecans! baked into crunchy oat bunches. taste the delicious surprise in every spoonful. new honey bunches of oats with pecan bunches.
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8:49 am
they are often the first sign you're getting sick, a sore throat. but whether dry, itchy or tickly, not all sore throats are created equal and neither are their cures. here with the best soothers is jamie zanzinger. not all sore throats are alike and we should start off by saying sometimes you need medical care. >> that's true. if you have difficulty swallowing or have a fever so see your doctor. >> for those of us who want to self hef meditate. people on the east coast know how dry it is right now. >> when your throat is really dry it's because of that indoor heat and the stale air, so a humidifier will keep the air around you moist. it's just important to keep the filter and the tank clean because if it gets moldy, your symptoms could get worse. >> as we noted at the top, sometimes you start off with a scratchy throat, you're about to get sick. you recommend garlic. i know garlic can help your immune system. how does it affect a sore throat? >> at the zifirst sign of a
8:50 am
tickle, microwave two cloves of garlic, crush them in a press and eat them on a cracker. it has anti-bacterial qualities. >> it might nip it in the bud. >> it might. >> i remember when all the studies said zinc is helpful. what are the forms that we might want to take it. >> well, when you have a stuffy nose and a sore throat, you want to choose zinclozenges but it will shorten your cold by half. >> this is an old remedy, the hot water. hot water, warm water and salt. >> warm water. a teaspoon of salt for every pint of water and this will help with that sore, scratchy, sore throat. the salt will kill that bacteria. you can gargle with it as much as you need to. >> everybody says have a cup of tea but herbal is the best. >> herbal is the best because it has immune boosters in them. that will really help the healing process along. if you add a little honey, it will help make it more soothing.
8:51 am
>> throat comfort, i've seen another one. that's something the anchor people use with a scratchy throat. what do we have here? >> these are slippery elm laws engz. this is when your throat is really, really red and raw. this uses the powdered bark of a slippery elm tree so use a brand that is lactose free and one that has vitamin c which will help shorten your cold. >> i've seen the throat sprays and tried them but they always end up on my tongue. do they help the throat if i can get it there? >> this is actually just a really quick fix for, you know, sore swallows. they're going to numb the area with a local anesthetic but only temporarily. they only mask the symptoms, they don't treat the problem. >> again, fever, go see a doctor. >> go see a doctor. >> jamie, good to have you here. thanks so much. lester, thanks. well, we've heard of guitar hero and rock band, those games that satisfy our inner beatle or rolling stone, but what about
8:52 am
the aspiring actor in all of us? thanks to a new game system called you star, the dream of stealing a scene with julia or cruising with tom has become a reality. >> you're going to need a bigger boat. >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn. >> i'm going to make him an offer i can't refuse. >> they're some of film's most memorable lines. >> you want the truth! >> you can't handle the truth. >> and how many times have you wished you could star in one scene in just one of those movies? well, now you can. >> we take these films that we get from our studio partners and we do some digital magic there by removing those actors and their voice tracks from the film. >> using their game system and your computer, you pick the movie from their online catalog, learn the lines and become a star in the comfort of your own home. >> you really do have a movie studio in a box. >> so we were invited to give it a try, and with the help of this special cam remarks green screen and some handy props, we were on
8:53 am
our way. take "rocky," for example. >> did you fight last night? >> yeah. >> did you win? >> yeah, i won. >> yeah. who did you fight? >> spieder. >> did you fight last night? >> yeah. >> did you win? >> yeah, i won. >> yeah. and where did you get that hat? >> spider rico. >> what is that, downtown? >> how about casablanca. >> i can't remember. i'm a little rusty on it. >> i'll hum it for you. >> oh, sam, just play it. play "as time goes by." >> i can't remember. i'm a little rusty on it. >> just google it. >> there isn't a person who sees this that their jaw drop. >> are you getting a signal? i can't get a signal here. >> oh, yes, sir. >> what kind of a ring would you like, my darling? >> oh, a diamond ring and do buy a big one.
8:54 am
>> you will have the biggest and most vulgar ring in atlanta. >> 106 miles to chicago. we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses. >> hit it. >> this was made for you, wasn't it? >> that was my resume tape to get the job here. i don't know what that says about the show. yeah, that's you star. it costs about $170. but there's 200 movies to choose from. you can go to it's a lot of fun. >> what do you get for the money? >> a green screen and a camera and you hook it up to your laptop and you get the words. the teleprompter comes up on your laptop. so it's a lot of fun for a big group or party or me putting together a resume tape. >> if you wanted to coast with us. >> they'd have to put into it their system and then somebody could play me, which would be a pain. we will be right back after these messages. [ male announcer ] the volkswagon routan is not only
8:55 am
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8:57 am
let's take a moment and get a check of what's coming up this morning on "meet the press." david gregory joins us once again. >> coming up this morning the state of the union and the president's chance for a fresh start. the president engages the opposition in open debate, but can he bridge that political divide. we'll speak to two men central to making that happen. the president's senior adviser, david axlerod and john boehner of ohio. it's all this morning on "meet the press." >> and that will do it for us on this sunday morning. coming up tomorrow on "today," jersey shore exclusive.
8:58 am
people cannot stop talking about this. the situation, the rest of the cast right here in the studios. >> and this is my last weekend for you guys for a while. i'm going to be on just not here. our coverage of the winter olympics begins and i'll join you from vancouver. >> take me with you, please? >> i think he's taking snookie. >> i'll see you there. in the meantime i'll be back for nbc nightly news in new york.
8:59 am
>> up next, congressman cummings swroins us live for this morning's q and a segment. >> we check with baltimore city, baltimore county and anne arundel county county. we'll give you a live update on our roads coming up. >> that's the story today. cold and sunshine.

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